Sunday, June 14, 2009


A storm blew in on Friday. My husband was able to leave work early so where do we go...Wal-Mart of course! AS we were looking at tornado books with our son an employee says to make our way to the back of the storm due to a tornado warning. Okay...that's all I needed to hear. AS we "made our way" the electricity went off, window was BlOwInG, and the rain was pounding. Then we hear..."all customers and employees get to the back of the store immediatly. Leave your carts and take cover." I am panicking a little. We get back there and as you can see it was wall to wall people (and carts...hmmm...guess they didnlt hear the same announcement). We were there 15 minutes or so and then finished our shopping. We were in for a big surprise when we left. WOW...the damage was BAD!!! Trees toppled over. Now these were mature trees not baby ones! Limbs were everywhere. One store lost it's roof which blew into the buisness across the street snapping 3 light poles in the process. We got home and our house was fine. Thank you God!! Our kids were safe and sound. Zak asked why God allows storms. I said so he can show us something. He will work through the bad stuff too. He will use it to make a difference. How do you explain that stuff to a 5 year old. Anyhooo...all is well except my poor husband has been working A LOT due to the storm. (Good paycheck though :-)).
See the lady giving me the stink eye? No idea why...well I guess it is funny for someone to take a picture while telling her husband "I have to post this on Facebook".

Johnson County: Local Emergency Manager reported extensive storm damage to the city of Clarksville and the eastern portion of the county. Debris has been reported across several Hwy 64, Hwy 21, Hwy 103 and Hwy 315. Power lines are down in multiple parts of the county. An estimated five homes with damage.

Pictures of damage from town (copied from Maranda's Facebook...thanks
See the mailbox?? Even took some of the sidewalk with it!

So we lost power...big surprise and Zak wanted chicken noosdle soup. No microwave....oven....even kettle. Let's see....candles give off several candles.....IT WORKED!!!!! It was HoT!!!! I heated 2 bowls for zak and 1 bowl of spaghetti o's for Kourt.

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