Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am so ready for Fall!!!!!! and My First Metamorphisis Monday

I am so excited to join for their Metamorphosis Monday. I have a couple items that I have been working on. Last month I did a little thright shopping and found a couple goodies.
First, I found these old windows $4 each......
And I turned on into hold my daughters work schedule since I can never seem to keep up with it!

Second, I found this picture with gorgeous wood frame for .25.
A little spray paint, cut up place mat......
That's all I have, today, for MM. Hope you enjoyed the pics. I love using no money to make amazing decorations!!!

Now, for a little Fall decorating!!!!!!!!

I Spy book for Halloween in my kitchen..........

Another Halloween book in the kitchen.........

My kitchen window has "EEK" framed and 2 glass pumpkins with candles in them.....
Hutch decked out in fall colors..........

Kitchen table with my rooster, scale, and a pumpkin on top of a fall rug.....
Wooden ladder with fall blankets........
Candles and such in living room..........
Entertainment area............

Thank you for visiting. God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Best Part of my Classroom

My favorite part of my classroom....

MY PICNIC TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since my classroom is farm themed I HAD to have a picnic table. Do you know how hard it is to find one with movable benches?? Yep...HARD! But my loving, amazing, fab, dad let me have his!

This is the view as you enter my classroom door! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU DAD!!!!!! You rock!!!!!!!! I think of you every time I sit on it with my kids, grade papers, or have a snack.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Classroom redo

I am a teacher and even though I spent many hours on my classroom you never know if the set up will work until you use it!
My desk area is a little different. I moved the organizer to the hutch.

The back area of my desk is different too. I moved the file cabinet and fridge since I was having problems getting into the fridge!! I accidentally left it open and it defrosted :-(. I also stacked the file system and added my CD player and CDs.

Moved my reading chair to the other side of the room and gave my storage area a little more room.

The first day I realized my teaching desk was not going to work. It was in fornt of the SMartBoard and I couldn't see the kids or the board as I taught. Now it is to the side and works out well!

Never really liked this area. Added a plant and so far it's ok! LOVE the toewl and kleenex holder but not too crazy about the plant.
Cubbies are no longer crooked but straight to add more storage room.
Desks have been rearranged. Now that I know their personalities (talkers, non-workers, and roaming eyes) I can place them better.
My reading chair (and nap chair on those days a kid is sick or ME! during my break).
My storage area. Look cluttered but up close it is very organized!
My desk...
Close up of the area behind my desk.
My desk. The tool box holds paper clips, notepads, and graderes. (No tools to beat the kids with.)
Area above the file cabinet. Love me some coffee!!! Notice the mug? "Today's Agenda Get Through It"!! So true! It was a gift from a student a couple years ago! Do they know their teacher?!?!?!?
Well there it is! Of course, knowing me it will change next week. ALWAYS thinking of better ways to function!

Twice a year I attend Rhea Lana's. I am able to buy a season's worth of clothes for Z and spend 1/4 of the price on name brand clothes. Actually, I really haven't spent any money since he was born. How, do you ask? Well, I resell everything I bought and make what I spent. Revolving closet??? To attend the event early, I volunteer 5 hours of my time. Yes, it is worth it!!! See the clothes......
See the people................

Since I bought so many outfits I needed room to store them.So I rearranged his closet.


Remember this? I paid $3 at Bargain's Galore on 64!

Baskets for stuff he doesn't need to play with.

THe clothes are still his summer wear. I haven't washed his winter wear yet!

First Days of School for my kiddos

My beautiful babies!!! See how sleepy they look???? Ha! First day back!

I cannot believe my baby started Kindergarten! This is his Open House.
My sleeping Kindergartner on his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

He is very excited!! Will it last.............Fake smile.........

I took him to his first day of school. I am a teacher so my class also started this day. We were early and the principal was tapping on his watch saying your too early. I said I am a teacher and I just wanted to wake him the first day. He asked if Z would ride the bus from now on and I said of course. (Our school system is awesome. They pick up all the teachers kids from different school and take them to their parents school. So he will ride the bus before and after school everyday.)
Walking into the building looking for his classroom!
Putting his backpack in his cubby.
Checking out the class turtles.

Giving his teacher all the papers we had to fill out...good grief! I have a whole new respect for parents!!!! Mrs. G is AWESOME!!!!! We prayed for Z to get a lovingly strict teacher to keep her thumb on him. God answered our prayers!

Starting his morning work.
It rained on his first day. We still got pictures but they were no very clear.
Yeah...he survived his first day.

An update.......Z has been in school 13 days. He has pulled 4 cards! We appreciate everything Mrs. G has done. She is very patient because our child is very....well....he is spoiled rotten and a drama king. We are working on this, however, having 2 teenage sisters making 4 "adults" to care for you...explains a lot!!!!!