Thursday, March 25, 2010 classroom again!!!!!!!!

I spent 6 hours in my classroom rearranging, packing, and organizing!
My cabinet looks so clean and so much room!!!

My new cubby!! Well, it's not really new. I have been using it as a class library but decided to repurpose it! The old metal file cabinet now hold all my units and is hidden behind a shelf. Signs need to be made and hung on the baskets but not today!
Notice I was still able to decorate with pictures and knick knacks!
This is a view from the door of the entire room. Our desks are separated for testing and I really dislike this arrangement!
My desk area. I had the blue cubby where the hutch is but it was too busy to be the first thing seen as you enter the room.
Reading class library is now in the long shelves. Not sure I will like them being in the way of the reading area. We shall see. It feels cozy!!! Hope the kids like it!
The recliner used to be here. Now I have an extra table for markers, morning work, and such. All my hidden treasures are behind the wood on the left.
The "mini-kitchen"....all this was behind my desk and made things look too crowded. This makes my counter space look clean and organized!
Another view of my area. I want to get a hall tree for the area by the window to hold my stuff. The tool boxes house all my prizes for the kiddos.
I got rid of SeVeN boxes of stuff! Now I won't have too much to move this summer. Still A LOT but better than before!
Well, there you have it. Yes...I change things all the time! I have OCCTD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder To Decorate) and I need meds but they aren't approved by the FDA yet. Hehehehhe.....I really enjoy changing things!
SSsoooosoossssoooo....what do you think? Too busy??

Last but not least...a few finds. My hubby and I went thrifting with some friends and I found some pretty good things.
I Rosettes (I think) $.67 each, paint $1.50, magazine $.25, 3 books for my new classroom $1.00 each, bowl $1.00, ace bandages $.54, hairspray for my purse (bottle can be reused) $.64, a salsa CD to inspire me to workout, and a tool box (not shown) asked $1.50 I asked $1.00. Not too shabby!!!!
That's my week. Spring Break is over tomorrow. It's bittersweet! Ready for a routine but ReAlLy enjoy sleeping in! Oh well! Have a great week!