Saturday, May 21, 2011

A review of the past few months.....
Added a "nightstand" to my bathroom cabinet. Added my Ball jars with cotton balls, qtips, and bath soak. The basket was black and didn't match so what do we do...cover it with fabric...of course! The basket holds my "gettin ready stuff".
My favorite craft of the year. ABC wall in my son's room.
A few thrifty finds...
blue jar $4.45
green polka dot pails from Target's $ spot

I have wanted one of these for years! We went into a new flea market and there it was. Calling my name and begging me to buy it! Didn't have to beg too long....never seen a red one or one in such GrEaT condition! My amazing hubby hung it that night!
The Lard Bucket was $5. I have seen others for $25-$35. Can you believe I only paid FIVE DOLLARS????
I have eyed this basket every time I entered this flea market. It was marked $75. Really...for a basket?? Yep. Well, patience reaps rewards. It was marked down to $10. I should have snatched that puppy up but not me. I asked if they'd take $5. She said not but can do $6. From $75 ---> $6. YAY ME!!!!!

My school purchased ipads to all 4th Grade Teachers! I know....I know...I'm very blessed! I wanted an easier yet safe way to carry if to and from school. Goodwill once again, came to the rescue! I found this x-large bible cover for $2. A little paint pen and now I have this.....!!!!!!! Easy to carry and protects from accidental falls.
(Not that I have dropped it or anything!!!) (PS...I have an otterbox too!)

Belt basket. What do you think? Not so sure I like it....
Well....that's what I have.
Of course this is just a sample of what I have done.

Did I mention I am opening a booth at a local flea market? I am so excited! Hopefully I will make enough to cover the cost of the booth! I sure enjoy "playing"!!!