Saturday, August 31, 2013


My dear friend asked if I would help organize the "CLOSET" for the Church's Sunday School and daycare. Here's the before....
This was just the hallway...

 View from the door....

 Wow...there is a washer and dryer in there somewhere.
 7 LoNg hOt hours later...the after......
 Ahhhhh....just take it all in...........
 I cannot believe the difference!! There is enough room for a work table and room to walk!!
 A little rearranging and Mrs. Kim has her very own desk. No more paperwork balancing on her lap!!

A little organizing of a teacher's closet. Before.... I wish I had a closet!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Turquoise Before and After

Pitter Patter went my heart....when I saw this beautiful desk:
 I knew it had potential. The lines, curves, and that musty old smell....HeLLooooooo!!! 
It was marked $99...I talked her down to $75 which would have been ok. 
Oh no, not for me, I got her down to $60! Yay for haggling! 
I had to paint this beauty...
 I spray painted the handles red and will
 eventually get red knobs for the bottom drawers.
 Then, I bought this 1980s gem through a friend for $10.
 Painted it the same color as the desk.
 It is now my husband's night stand.
Not bad for $70 and a  little paint~

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hot Spings, Arkansas Spring Break 2013

We went on a mini-vacation to Hot Springs for Spring Break. Of course, we went to a few flea markets
First, pictures of Historic Hot Springs

"The Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center (HSRC), run by Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, was the first combined general hospital for both U.S. Army and Navy patients in the nation. This joint services hospital was created ahead of the Navy Hospital Corp and over twenty years before the founding of the now-infamous Walter Reed Army Medical Center."
 I have actually been inside this building.  

 One of the MANY bathhouses on Bathhouse Row. You can tour several. I have toured this one before. Very educational! Never had a bath there but you can!

The Arlington Resort and Spa. 
 Oh how I would love to live on one of those floor apartments. What you could see!

 This one makes me sad because it is so run down. I bet that it was once a beauty!
 Every time we pass this building I tell my husband we should buy it to restore. Of course, there is NO way we could do that but I still tell him we should!

 Now for the thrifty finds............

Brand new Lands End rainboots   $9.

Another wire basket before. Loved the vintage look.

Lamp from Goodwill....$8. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
 With my new flea market additions I decided to overhaul my bathroom. Spray painted the black lamp base a turquoise
 Do you see the "new" basket?? 
 It now holds my scarves, reading material, and towels. I added and rearranged my clock wall. The gold and silver clocks were found at flea markets for $2 each. Another utility box was added to the tower (third form the top) which houses guest necessities. 

There ya go! Hot Springs proved to be very fruitful!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I have missed blogging!!! I spend hours looking at other blogs (and Pinterest) but never add to mine. Here it goes!

Thrifting Fun

 Blue jar in the middle for $5. Since 3 is the key to decorating, 
I was happy to have found a third for my set.
 I have a FEW tool/ tackle boxes! Hello, my name is
 Diana and I collect weird things! That beautiful red box is my latest find...$6! None of the boxes have been over $7!

Fun, playful rug for my house. Loved the colors and "CandyLand" is too funny!!! $6

 These bath rugs are more of a teal green. I turned one into a pillow. 
Still not sure on what I will do with the other one. $6 each

 Another book for my classroom. $1
 These are not thrifting items but they are from the Dollar Spot and Valentine's Day clearance at Target. Oh how I love Target!!!!
There ya go! My fun finds!! More to come soon!