Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Classroom and Bargains Galore on 64

Welcome to my classroom!!!! As you will see it is decorated as a farm! I love it!!!!

This box was cardboard brown. I painted it white then painted the drawers with chalkboard paint (since I change things soooooo often).

My cubbies that our very talented custodian built! My computer area!
View from my door.
More cubbies and a cabinet (another Matt original).
My library is housed it that blue cubbie thingy. Books on tape are on the shelf and all my Science materials are organized by unit in the baskets.
Reading area for my students.
Front of the classroom. View is from my desk. Those are my Math manipulatives and centers.
Hutch...another great thrift store find! It houses my printer, paper, stickers, books, supplies, etc. I took the doors off so I could get to the storage easier.
The back of my desk area. My papers, files, and fridge are hidden or just organized well!!!

This is my old tool box turned into a paper towel and kleenex holder.
A Bargains Galore find....the shelf was $1!!!! It houses my Reading Lab supplies very well!!!!
My desk! That tool box is also from Bargains Galore it was .75! It houses my paper clips, notepads and sticky notes!

My writing center! Another tool box from BG. It was $1 and will be the container the students turn in their ticket work to!
Close up of the shelf....

Last but not least....a parrot from BG $1....for our Hawaii welcome unit.

I finally experienced Bargains Galore on 64!!! I have lived in Arkansas and never shopped. In fact, I avoided town during this time. My mom invited me and off we went!! Things you will need if you shop this amazing sale.

Shoe holder $2, book .25, 2 pictures (wooden frames) .50
2 baskets with a sticker price of $8 each...I paid $1 for both, glass jars-big one was $3 I paid $2, small jars were .25 each
Round boxes $2.50 each, 2 videos .25 each, wooden chair .25, salt and pepper shakers $1, purse .50

Friday, August 14, 2009

healing, organizing, and preparing

I have been so busy the past few weeks. School starts soon and I need to get my room ready for 20 2nd graders to enter my room Wednesday morning. TO add to all that....I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. (Yes, I am right handed!!!) Anyhoo, my blog has suffered. Soon my hand will be back to normal, my room ready for students, and life will have structure again! Here is a sample of my life.....
This was on the free table in the hallway! It was cardboard brown. I spray painted it white and then painted the drawer fronts with chalkboard paint. I love to organize especially when it is FREE!!!