Friday, March 15, 2013

I have missed blogging!!! I spend hours looking at other blogs (and Pinterest) but never add to mine. Here it goes!

Thrifting Fun

 Blue jar in the middle for $5. Since 3 is the key to decorating, 
I was happy to have found a third for my set.
 I have a FEW tool/ tackle boxes! Hello, my name is
 Diana and I collect weird things! That beautiful red box is my latest find...$6! None of the boxes have been over $7!

Fun, playful rug for my house. Loved the colors and "CandyLand" is too funny!!! $6

 These bath rugs are more of a teal green. I turned one into a pillow. 
Still not sure on what I will do with the other one. $6 each

 Another book for my classroom. $1
 These are not thrifting items but they are from the Dollar Spot and Valentine's Day clearance at Target. Oh how I love Target!!!!
There ya go! My fun finds!! More to come soon!

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