Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer List

Meg from creates a summer list for her kids. I LOVE the idea so we made one today! Zak, Mommy, and Daddy listed things we wanted to do this Summer! You can tell who wants to do what! :-) It is hanging in our hall so Zak can see it every day! This will help me stay motivated to get out and do stuff this summer in between workshops, classes, and getting a classroom ready!
I can't wait to get started!!!!!! Only 2 and 1/2 days of school left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

GuEsT rOoM/cRaFt RoOm/SoN's BaThRoOm

My daughter graduated and moved out all in the same week! It has been a whirlwind! I was able to redecorate her bathroom as a transportation theme for my son.

I made these poster and painted them. (Much cheaper than buying them...and cuter I think!)
My mom suggested putting this above the toilet....Zak said, "Momma...sorry but I had to park"! Ha!!! He's almost six!!!

I thought using floor mats was cute...and it was but not practical! Water was EvErYwHeRe!!! THe basket in the corner was a $5 find at a flea market. It's his laundry basket. The stool is HEAVY and free from my school!
Another sign, lamp, and accessories from his room.
Got the red cup, soap container, and liquid soap container from $ Tree!!!
The shower curtain is actually an $8 flat sheet from Wal-Mart. There
is a waterprrof curtain behind the sheet.
Added some colorful towels and more accessories! Notice the sign on the door...restroom sign!
Added blue rugs....much better!!!!!!!

Now for my guest/craft room!!!!!!!!
Remember all this????

it is now this...............
This is the closet. I added baskets that I got on clearance at Wal-mart! $1.50 each.

I needed a lamp and found this white one in another room It was a little too bland so I added ribbon from $tree! $2 for ribbon.

My craft table! The crib mattress spring was free from my dad's house.
Got the cup holder from a flea market $1, and 4 cups from $tree $1 each!
I had or made everything else.
The shelf above my window holds cute pictures and containers. The pretty yellow ones were from my hubby from Mother's Day.
The curtains are a flat sheet cut in half, again, $8 from wal-mart.
Remember this ugly white cabinet..........
Amazing what a little paint and a wonderful hubby can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This pink beauty now holds all my magazines, fabric, and ideas!
Closet door with my wooden ladder.
I beautiful quilt and clip boards on wall holds pictures.

My head board! I had to buy the pillow cases for $11. The doors were free from various rooms in my house! Added a clothesline of fabric for color. The dresser is at the foot of the bed and houses towels, toiletries, and wrapping supplies. The canisters were $5 from school!
View from the door! I LoVe my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well....that's my new room! I did it all for $500!!!!!!
Not bad considering I had to buy all new furniture!

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