Monday, April 12, 2010


My daughter is getting ready to graduate High School and will be moving in with her sister who is already in college. Sooooo, that meant I finally get a guest room/office/craft room!!!! Where did I go to find nice furniture at a good price? Craigslist baby!!!!! After searching for several weeks I finally found my gem. I will save the best for last........

The wife was gone so hubby was giving stuff away. Here take this...want that...what about this? Seriously, we ran out of room!!!!! This is a picture of my floorboard....full of toys and wash cloths.

A view of the back of the truck. A queen pillow top bed was five years old and rarely slept on. Came with frames and a waterproof mattress pad.

Box o books. Mainly to decorate with but some are good reads! The stool was a must have. It was sitting on his front porch and I asked if I could have it...sure...go ahead!

This sewing kit was from the 70s. I love it!!! Plan on painting it red!!!!!!

These night stands are what caught my eye wen I first saw the list. Love them!! Ice box I think is what they are called. I switched out my tables in the master bedroom for these beauties!!!The best part......a 9 drawer dresser made from solid cherry!!!!!!!!

Isn't she lovely!!!!!!!!! I was going to paint it but I can't do it!! Maybe I will just switch the hardware out!

He also threw in 6 pillows and a cot! Wonder how much I paid for all this...............................


That's right! Now I just wait until I can prepare my new room!!!!!!! Pics when it is finished!!!!