Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thrifting Fun

Is that not the most adorable table ever!?!?!
Soooo....I have been on the search and found one.

An old Sunday School table with 2 cubbies on each side.
And the after......
Stores coloring books and paper on one side and my laptop and ipad on the other side. Found the stool at the same store and got a package deal (table was $75) but got stool and table for $90. More than I would have liked to have paid's so cute. Also found the glass jars at the same store for $6 a piece.
Painted the store with free sample paint and recovered with clearance fabric from Wally-world!

Zak loves his new craft area. Considering I paid under a $100 for all the supplies....I am happy too!!!!

My last post asked how you store your kitchen utensils. I had this coke container in my classroom and brought it home just to see. I like it......

Next is my son's room. He has a huge empty wall that was begging for a huge statement. Found my inspiration but cannot remember from what blog. Let me know if I "borrowed" the idea from you! ABC wall! I had/made most of the letters and bought a few from Hobby Lobby and flea markets.

Found this space bedding set at a flea market. Came with 2 duvet covers, curtain, 2 HUGE pillows, 2 regular pillows, and 2 decorative pillows. She was asking $55 but I talked her down to $45. (Must have had twins bc there were 2 of everything.)

As you can see, I have been busy! Really...I have had soooooo much fun!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Utensil storage

How do you store your knives and utensils? My system isn't working for me and I can't find what I want. Of course, I have NO idea what I am looking for...any suggestions?

Here's an old example but I haven't changed much from this! :-(