Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lake fun

School is almost here. It's a bittersweet thing. My baby graduates from school and my other baby starts school!! I will be crying all year! We managed to get a few more adventures in such as the lake.

When we go to the lake to swim this is what hubby does........
Metal detect of course. And he always has helpers.......
This is what I decorating books!!!!!!!!
As I watch the kids swim!
Maybe we can get one more lake day in before I have to go back!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Staging a house for my parents

Are you ready for a VERY long post with LOTS of pictures??? Hope so!!!! My parents asked me to help stage their house so they can list it! Too much house for them to keep up with. Since I LOVE redoing for little or no money I jumped at the chance. It only took me 2 days, 1 visit in the hot tub and 3 pain pills!

Den before......
den after..........'s sideways! I moved the wingback chairs from Living Room to den to create a reading area.She had little art work to I had to get creative. No personal pics allowed is the first rule. I used front covers of magazines and framed them in old frames.

The tv viewing area is across from the reading corner (used to have the desk). Looks a little busy but in person it is quite nice.
This is an akward area! We moved the piano to this wall to bring attention to the stone wall that houses the fireplace. Then the mirror on top of the dresser is placed on top of the piano. More framed pics from magazines, a tree limb from the yard and a spray painted lamp. The bench is from outside and is now an area to sit and take your shoes off.
More framed "art". Nature from outside framed and on the wall. CHEAP...FREE!
Living room before..........
Sorry it is so blurry!!!
Living room after......the new dining room!!!!!!
We moved the hutch from the kitchen and used her love of birdhouses in this room.
The table with a plant and candles on mirrors. See the birdhouses in the plant?

Buffet table with a lamp and glass vases.

Bookcase revamped! White accessories on the top shelf, books and birdhouses on the other shelves. One chair fro reading. (Mom loves this area because she has her devotion and coffe every morning. She can also see deer and the trees from this amazing window.)

The fireplace. I added the old window as a focal point and heighth! Some greenery, wooden candles, old clock, and oil lamps.
Side view of fireplace.Hallway before....
Lots of family photos and nothing to grab you at the end of the hall.

Hallway after........
Now it grabs you! That is a pillowcase in the fram and some greenery on a table. My plan is to get big canvas and let each grandkid paint a self protrait to hang here.

Closeup of the pillowcase art.Kitchen before......
BUSY!! Moved the big table into the new dining room.
kitchen after........
New round table from outside. Used a sheet as a tablecloth to cover the lovely legs...ha!

More magazine art work. It matches a painting on the other wall...mutted colors, old world feel.
Organized coffee area!
New tea nook.Guest bedroom before.......
guest bedroom after.........
This is the only room in the house with family pics! Had to give her some to look at!

guest room #2 before.........
This is known as the dumping ground and playroom for the grandkids. Blank wall that will house mom's desk.

guest room #2 and office/guest room
Now it is more of an office. The bed is staged to look like a daybed or couch. Toys are in the closet and toy box.

Guest bathroom after...(didn't get a before shot)

Well....there you have it! I loved every minute of it!!!! I would quit my day job TOMORROW if I could make enough money doing this! I can dream....can't I????

The best part is...she spent $20 on a few accessories from flea markets. Not bad for a whole house stage!!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Not Trying Hard Enough

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted! I guess I am not trying hard enough to manage. Ha! I have been busy! VERY busy!!! Flea marketing, thrift shopping, and redecorating. I painted my hutch and think I h=may have made a mistake. What do you think?

Hutch Before:
Hutch after:

This picture was during the LONG process. WOW!!! I never imagined it would take so long! 3 coats of paint and a couple hours distressing. ANd I am not even sure I like it! :-)

I saw this idea in a magazine. I have been looking for one for some time. Hubby and I celebrated our 6th anniversary in Branson with some DEAR friends! Nena actually found this gem for me! THANK YOU NENA!!!!!Found these 2 old windows for $4 each. One is single pane WITH the locks and handle! I cleaned it up a little and hung it in our kitchen to keep up with the girls' work schedule! It is cute...forgot to take a picture.

Now for my finds! Tool box $8, black wire plant holder $3, white cookie jar from Goodwill for $4, tin from Goodwill $2, white wire basket $2, decorading books ranging from $2-$4, rake $6 BUT 50% off.

Several primary gift bags from Target 75% off!! .25 each! And beach mats for outside .68 cents each!!!!! My hubby was looking for teaspoons and we found 3 and Nena found 3 more. (She is GOOD!)10 decorating magazine $2.00 for all!
The best finds of the day....antique fane $10 and antique scale for $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!
A view of my load! Not too shabby for a few days of bargain shopping!
I will post pics tomorrow of the items in their new homes!