Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thrifty redo

I love thrift stores! I went to Goodwill, Marva, and a consignment store. Price breakdown....
iron hanger $.35
2 ivy plates with Faith Hope and Joy on then $3
4 ivory plates (WITH PLATE HANGERS!) $2
3 small ivory plates $.75
Arkansas Razorbacks tshirt $2
2 sleeveless shirts $4
wooden clock $3.75
tea cup and saucer $.60
glass vase with lid $.50
Big letter B $2.50
2 lights to hang on my porch $8
Better Homes and Gardens (retails $35.00) $3
wooden hat box $1.50

This hideous chair and table 50% off $3 for both pieces! I was so happy! I can give Zak's chair back to him!

"New" chair spray painted black and new fabric for the cushion. Hint....sit on the chair at the store! It was rotten to the core. Hubby will have to find some wood to replace the seat! It isn't screwed on yet and I can't use it... :-(
Another view on the chair.
The hat box is now red and sits with 2 more round containers. Notice the table? It is now black and sits next to my desk. There is enough room for the paper shredder to sit behind it!
My favorite....the plates! I never...ever...thought I would use plates in my bedroom but after seeing so many blogs use this idea I decided to take a leap and try it! The result....I LoVe it!!! My hubby even likes it!!!! And I did it all by Myself!! I measured and measures and measured again!!! Even used a stud finder for the big picture!!! (Thank you Les for my "new" picture.)
The book and tea cup are by my bed. My chapstick is in the cup and the picture is our engagement picture!

Well, that's it! This is my new love...finding old and making new. Think I could try this on my life...take something old and make it new???


Lisa said...

Nice haul! Loving the Razorback shirt! GO HOGS GO!!

Christa said...

The plates are a good idea, I'm an odd ball and would have painted them different colors to match my room colors. I like the redone chair too!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Fun finds! Great job!

loripadillaphotography said...

I LOVE the chair !! I am also on the hunt for ivory plates !! The room looks great !