Saturday, January 30, 2010

February Decorating

Even though it has snowed for 2 days, I decided to put my snowmen away and add Valentine's Day decorations!

My hutch.....has red accents, hearts, and love!

I *heart* the cookie cutters. They are XOXO from Target (of course).

Kept my winter plates bc I love the shapes but added some variations of red!
My shopping basket from my classroom. Looks MUCH better here!
Stationary holder with Love!
Brought this wheel barrel home from school. Loved the vintage look.
Still my hutch...heart plates and ribbon! And my newest boy. (He's almost 5 now but I love this picture. It was even in the phone book!
Had an old picture frame that I painted black and added red ribbons. The wagon is also from my classroom.

View of the entire hutch. :-)

Corner of the kitchen. I added some white plates but it was too plain... (the blue stool was a throw away from school~can you believe that???)
Much better....amazing what an accent color can do!
Kitchen...corner with a little more love!

Kitchen window...snow was so bright I couldn't get a decent picture.
Well, this is how I spent some of my snow day! I loved it!!! Now, come June I may regret this snow day!

Snow Day 2010

Little Miss Sadie is one spoiled pup!!!!!!

Zak warming up after playing in the snow.
My best friend. Didn't realize my eyes were closed but the snow kept hitting my eyes!
Front yard. We had 3 1/2 inches of snow! SOOOOOoooo beautiful!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Organizing my son's room on a snow day!

Today was supposed to be our first day back to school after our Christmas Break. Instead, we had a snow day was in our future! What did I do??? Rearranged a bedroom of course. I cannot be lazy!!! So...enjoy the pictures!

This is his room looking in from his door....oh my am I really showing you this???


View from his door.
View from door again......
View from closet.........
I always LOVE redecorating and organizing!!! It is such a thrill! And then you forget what you did and walk in and it kinda takes your breath away! Ahhhhh......

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cleaning, organizing, and decoratin

My house after decorating for winter.

Closeup of my plant of branches and sitting area. The pillows are made out of a vinyl table cloth found on clearance and the red is also a tablecloth on clearance.

Sitting area..

My son, dog Sadie, and myself went on a hunt for nature to use. We found these branches and green twigs.

Closeup of branches, pine cones and a lantern.

Another view of the lanterns and twigs.

My dad built this table for me. I added walnuts, pine cones, and green branches.
Gross, messy, unorganized garage.

Garage after clean up and organizing.

Blurry but another version of a clean garage.

I had a great time today. I got all my Christmas stuff down and pot away. Cleaned and organized garage. AND spent the afternoon with my boy!

Today is the last day of my break. School starts back Monday! I am ready to see my students and get back in a routine. I just wish school started at 10!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Getting my life ready for the new year.

I saw this on someone's blog. It isn't exactly the same BUT it is my version.

Pantry before.....

Pantry AfTeR...................

The above 2 pictures are of my living room and kitchen window.

This pic is a thrifty redo. It's an olive oil bottle that I transformed to a caramel container for my coffee.

My kitchen table. This old toolbox holds my napkins and salt/pepper.

Another view of my table and my foyer.

Hutch all decked out for winter!

New and improved living room.

Another tool box holding my son's trains.

My "office". Actually it's a tool box turned on it's side with my laptop resting perfectly on top!

Close up of my entertainment area. My snowman is holding his tree in the "snow" (sugar)!!!!

Top of my entertainment center with more "snow".

Other side of the entertainment top. Can you tell I like stars?

Full view of the entertainment center.

My bed dressed for winter.

Found these old show boxes at garage sales. They were too drab for me so I made labels for them. They hold my inspiration ideas from magazines, books, photos, etc. The first one holds food entries (recipes and such). The second hold holiday ideas and the third has decorations and organization ideas!

Thanks for looking! I LOVE decorating and organizing! I would love to make a career of it or at least part time. It is such a stress reliever!!!!!!! Only someone who loves decorating and organizing thinks this is a stress reliever and not a stress causer!