Friday, January 1, 2010

Getting my life ready for the new year.

I saw this on someone's blog. It isn't exactly the same BUT it is my version.

Pantry before.....

Pantry AfTeR...................

The above 2 pictures are of my living room and kitchen window.

This pic is a thrifty redo. It's an olive oil bottle that I transformed to a caramel container for my coffee.

My kitchen table. This old toolbox holds my napkins and salt/pepper.

Another view of my table and my foyer.

Hutch all decked out for winter!

New and improved living room.

Another tool box holding my son's trains.

My "office". Actually it's a tool box turned on it's side with my laptop resting perfectly on top!

Close up of my entertainment area. My snowman is holding his tree in the "snow" (sugar)!!!!

Top of my entertainment center with more "snow".

Other side of the entertainment top. Can you tell I like stars?

Full view of the entertainment center.

My bed dressed for winter.

Found these old show boxes at garage sales. They were too drab for me so I made labels for them. They hold my inspiration ideas from magazines, books, photos, etc. The first one holds food entries (recipes and such). The second hold holiday ideas and the third has decorations and organization ideas!

Thanks for looking! I LOVE decorating and organizing! I would love to make a career of it or at least part time. It is such a stress reliever!!!!!!! Only someone who loves decorating and organizing thinks this is a stress reliever and not a stress causer!

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