Saturday, January 30, 2010

February Decorating

Even though it has snowed for 2 days, I decided to put my snowmen away and add Valentine's Day decorations!

My hutch.....has red accents, hearts, and love!

I *heart* the cookie cutters. They are XOXO from Target (of course).

Kept my winter plates bc I love the shapes but added some variations of red!
My shopping basket from my classroom. Looks MUCH better here!
Stationary holder with Love!
Brought this wheel barrel home from school. Loved the vintage look.
Still my hutch...heart plates and ribbon! And my newest boy. (He's almost 5 now but I love this picture. It was even in the phone book!
Had an old picture frame that I painted black and added red ribbons. The wagon is also from my classroom.

View of the entire hutch. :-)

Corner of the kitchen. I added some white plates but it was too plain... (the blue stool was a throw away from school~can you believe that???)
Much better....amazing what an accent color can do!
Kitchen...corner with a little more love!

Kitchen window...snow was so bright I couldn't get a decent picture.
Well, this is how I spent some of my snow day! I loved it!!! Now, come June I may regret this snow day!


kristy mae said...

love the valentine decor! i've had mine out for a week or two now and need to take pics :)

Lisa said...

I love all the red and white, so cheerful! What a great idea to put cookie cutters under a cloche. I never would have thought of that!