Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thrifting Finds

"The eagle has landed...."
" small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind...."
"Where's the Beef?"

Can you tell I am a tad excited about my day?? So fun!
Here's the lowdown....
*black wire book organizer $2.50
*vintage rulers $1.50 each
*red tool box $6
*green toolbox (asking $10 with tools, asked if he'd take
$5 and no tools....yep!) $5
*vintage aqua dish drainer $5
*vintage bread box $4
*metal urn $1
*bowl with yellow stripe $.50
*metal gate $5
*medium globe $5
* larger globe $6
*green wooden toolbox $17
*red wooden toolbox with removable tray $24
*vintage metal table $5
*pirate book for this year's grade level theme $ 2

I think I did well!! The globes, book rack, book, and red toolbox, will go to school, green toolbox to a friend, other stuff will be placed around my house. Pics soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Booth Adventure!

My first adventure in my own booth!
Here's the "booth" before....
Nothing special but I'm glad it's white!

.....and after!

~~Top shelves~~
white wire basket, crocks with chalkboard paint,
washcloth holder, black iron mason jar holders,
medicine jars, black wore home interior planters,
notepads, jar of gift tags, and Hope frame.

~~Next two shelves~~
medicine jar, kitty treat container, scrapbook bow,
magazines, jar of antique sewing stuff, and picture frame
of clothespins, white urn, 2 coral pieces, artichoke planter,
menu chalkboard frame, and 3 glass storage containers.

~~Last 2 shelves~~
Laugh picture frame, white planter, 3 metal containers,
lampshade, chalkboard frame, hand towel holder,
2 more chalkboard picture frames, cup holder,
2 decorating books, crock, Love picture frame,
scrapbook gift bow, cross, and 2 picture frames.

I haven't checked on it in a week, however, last I heard
I sold ONE book. REALLY?? ReAlLy...oNe stinkin' book?!?!?!
I may not have this booth next month! Oh well, I
tried and that is what is important...rIgHt???

Booth Update!
I checked on my booth yesterday and I sold A LOT!!! Wahoo!!!!!! What a great feeling! I love to's nice to get a little $ for crafting my crapola!
Added a few more items and rearranged!

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Cigar Boxes

I happened upon some cigar boxes and knew I could come up with something. Put my creativity gloves on and got to work!!!
From this.....
To this.....
I recently opened a booth at a local flea market and needed something to carry my "fixin' stuff" in.
Cigar box #2
From this....
to this....holds my tape and hot glue sticks
Took the "blade" off a foil box and hot glued onto the cigar box. It's all in one place.


What else.....hmmmmm.....

Zak turns SeVeN!!!!!!

My son turned 7! He wanted a Beyblade party which I thought would be easy to do....I was mistaken. There isn't much out there so I had to be creative.