Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Booth Adventure!

My first adventure in my own booth!
Here's the "booth" before....
Nothing special but I'm glad it's white!

.....and after!

~~Top shelves~~
white wire basket, crocks with chalkboard paint,
washcloth holder, black iron mason jar holders,
medicine jars, black wore home interior planters,
notepads, jar of gift tags, and Hope frame.

~~Next two shelves~~
medicine jar, kitty treat container, scrapbook bow,
magazines, jar of antique sewing stuff, and picture frame
of clothespins, white urn, 2 coral pieces, artichoke planter,
menu chalkboard frame, and 3 glass storage containers.

~~Last 2 shelves~~
Laugh picture frame, white planter, 3 metal containers,
lampshade, chalkboard frame, hand towel holder,
2 more chalkboard picture frames, cup holder,
2 decorating books, crock, Love picture frame,
scrapbook gift bow, cross, and 2 picture frames.

I haven't checked on it in a week, however, last I heard
I sold ONE book. REALLY?? ReAlLy...oNe stinkin' book?!?!?!
I may not have this booth next month! Oh well, I
tried and that is what is important...rIgHt???

Booth Update!
I checked on my booth yesterday and I sold A LOT!!! Wahoo!!!!!! What a great feeling! I love to's nice to get a little $ for crafting my crapola!
Added a few more items and rearranged!

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Jan@southernjunkin' said...

From experience the more you work your booth the more you sale! Just rearranging the shelves will catch someone's eye and SNAP SNAP another sale!!

Studio Valerie said...

Don't give up! Like Jan said, work that booth! I'm excited to see you putting yourself out there this way. It's nice to see someone take the next step and is a great inspiration for those of us who have not yet. I'm doing my first craft show/flea market Saturday, and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Kimmy said...

Sure is cute... love those chalk boards! ~ kim