Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thrifting Finds

"The eagle has landed...."
" small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind...."
"Where's the Beef?"

Can you tell I am a tad excited about my day?? So fun!
Here's the lowdown....
*black wire book organizer $2.50
*vintage rulers $1.50 each
*red tool box $6
*green toolbox (asking $10 with tools, asked if he'd take
$5 and no tools....yep!) $5
*vintage aqua dish drainer $5
*vintage bread box $4
*metal urn $1
*bowl with yellow stripe $.50
*metal gate $5
*medium globe $5
* larger globe $6
*green wooden toolbox $17
*red wooden toolbox with removable tray $24
*vintage metal table $5
*pirate book for this year's grade level theme $ 2

I think I did well!! The globes, book rack, book, and red toolbox, will go to school, green toolbox to a friend, other stuff will be placed around my house. Pics soon.


suzieQ said...

I had to comment about the finds that were going to school. Thrifting is not only a fun way to decorate our homes but a wonderful way to find things for our classrooms, and save money to boot! I have a new assignment next year and already, I bought something to use in my new classroom yesterday, while at GW. Moving from first grade to 7th and 8th to move my thrifting sights higher.

Grammy Goodwill said...

What great finds! I think it's amazing what we can find on our thrifting trips.