Monday, February 15, 2010

What a whirlwind it has been! First, let me start with my boy.
Well...right now he is a robot!! This is the light to my dark week!

THEN......the ceiling in my classroom fell in and flooded my classroom....
That is the front of my classroom. See that white screen thingy??? That is my $3000 SmartBoard that was hit with a ceiling tile and soaked. Thank goodness it was ok!!
If you know me at all you know that I...MUST....HAVE...ORDER!!!!
I cannot function if things are not in their place. This is my classroom after the furniture was moved out of the way. The carpet was so wet you could hear the **slush** when you stepped on it. Notice my hutch??? This holds all my teacher books and class supplies. I could not get to it for 4 days! YES...FOUR DAYS!!!
I had to leave the room like this until they fixed the ceiling. Did I mention parent teacher conferences were next week?!?!?!
UGHHHH. I was stressing but I didn't cry!
By Friday the ceiling was patched, carpet cleaned, and time to put my room back in order! I spent 5 hours getting things put back. I am thrilled with how it turned out! I actually like the new placement!

Desks are back in their spots! (With a few students in new places!) This is a view of the front of the room. The blue cubby shelf thingy was free from our PE room and houses my reading library!

My AREA!!!!!!! I know it seems like a lot of space but it works!! I have my desk where I grade and work with kiddies and my work table with my computer and ELMO. It is so nice having separate stations!!! I have MY area! My special place!!!
Another view...I just realized I have already changed a lot of this. The wore bookshelf has been replaced with white cubbies which I LOVE!
My desk is not caddy cornered any more since I added the table. I can see the door and students better this way!
Oh...the vines....RAINFOREST UNIT!
A view with my lamps on for ambiance.
More pics later! I am just so very happy my room was back in order for conferences!