Friday, July 3, 2009


Funny how you follow someone's blog and all of a sudden you feel like part of their family! I love Kelly's Blog. Here is my addition to "Show Us Where You Live Fridays". Have fun!
Welcome to the my house! Come sit on the front porch with some tea and let's chat!
We planted these flowers when we first moved in. I had no idea they were from the rabbit family!! They multiplied overnight!!! That's not a bad thing though!
Crape Myrtles on the side of our house~they are finally blooming!
My dad built this shelf for me years ago. It has been moved many times but I like it here....fits this odd space!
Rocking chairs.
I think Zak plays in this birdbath more than the birds! (Notice the rock. We are always finding weird stuff in there...and its not usually birds.)
Our RED front door. This caused quite a commotion at our house but I think hubby finally likes it.
Another view of the landscaping!
Ha...didn't realize my finger was in the way. Oh well...I just added this last night. The first setup hubby didn't like. I didn't either...oh well.
Last but not least, our backyard! Very plain...very, very plain but I have no idea what to do. I would love to get outdoor carpets and accessories but we rarely use this space. (Maybe because it is so boring!) In time! If you have any suggestions, please send them my way! Hubby isn't crazy about having the furniture out back (it was on the front porch) but isn't outdoor furniture made to be OUTSIDE?? AM I crazy here? Will the weather ruin it?

Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful 4th!

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Lisa Shatzer said...

Your porch is so lovely and inviting!