Saturday, September 5, 2009

Classroom redo

I am a teacher and even though I spent many hours on my classroom you never know if the set up will work until you use it!
My desk area is a little different. I moved the organizer to the hutch.

The back area of my desk is different too. I moved the file cabinet and fridge since I was having problems getting into the fridge!! I accidentally left it open and it defrosted :-(. I also stacked the file system and added my CD player and CDs.

Moved my reading chair to the other side of the room and gave my storage area a little more room.

The first day I realized my teaching desk was not going to work. It was in fornt of the SMartBoard and I couldn't see the kids or the board as I taught. Now it is to the side and works out well!

Never really liked this area. Added a plant and so far it's ok! LOVE the toewl and kleenex holder but not too crazy about the plant.
Cubbies are no longer crooked but straight to add more storage room.
Desks have been rearranged. Now that I know their personalities (talkers, non-workers, and roaming eyes) I can place them better.
My reading chair (and nap chair on those days a kid is sick or ME! during my break).
My storage area. Look cluttered but up close it is very organized!
My desk...
Close up of the area behind my desk.
My desk. The tool box holds paper clips, notepads, and graderes. (No tools to beat the kids with.)
Area above the file cabinet. Love me some coffee!!! Notice the mug? "Today's Agenda Get Through It"!! So true! It was a gift from a student a couple years ago! Do they know their teacher?!?!?!?
Well there it is! Of course, knowing me it will change next week. ALWAYS thinking of better ways to function!

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