Monday, June 22, 2009

Horses, Father's Day, and Cousin Fun

I am married to the most amazing man ever! He is the best daddy! We are blending our family and at times it is very difficult! Only by God's grace have we made it 6 years! My sweet family celebrating Father's Day.

The girls made dinner all by themselves. It was very special. Pork chops, mac and cheese, and veges. They even set the table!

~~~HORSES~~~The family having a photo op.

The Holsteds invited us to celebrate their sons birthday. They had 3 horses for the kids to ride. My girls enjoyed it....Zak....not so much!!!

Listening to Chad explain how to ride a horse. (Lovin the boots and shorts.)
Wow...what's that smell????
Okay...this isn't so bad after all!
Fun time with my cousin. They played in the water hose taking turns spraying each other.

I had so much fun with Ryder. He is such a sweet boy! Wish we lived closer but at least we are only 30 minutes instead of 3 days away!!!

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