Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Redesign without spending a dime!!I

It was time for a change. Does anyone else go through this insane times. All of a sudden I think..."Hmm, I need to rearrange something". My family runs when I get in this mood. Zak didn't run fast enough!

The Before.....

His dresser. It was my husband's as a child. I painted it red and chalkboard paint. Got this from another blogger...can't remember's your credit!!!!!!!!
His bed and mess! This is real life. Be will see the "staged" version!

His bookshelves full of books and toys! I have OCD so having a place for everything thrills my heart!

AFTER......Moved his bed and bookshelves.

His desk the closet in the shot.His bed with a "headboard".

Now you see his dresser as you walk into his room. Not as distracting as seeing full bookcases!


Jane said...

I like how you used a French memo board for a valance over the window. The headboard is super cute too.

tiahasenjager said...

Great job! I envy your organizing skills! Super cute bedroom any little guy would love.

Kimm at Reinvented said...

That is so cute, I love your inventive "headboard", and the bookcases on either side of the bed made it look "built in!" Thanks for linking up!

Traci said...

I like the changes you made. The farmhouse looks great as a "headboard", and the bookcases frame the bed nicely. I have four boys, so I know all about messy rooms!