Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I had a few minutes so I thought I would pop into my local Goodwill. Let me just say...YeAh...I am so glad I did!!!!

The tool box was $3. I white washed it and put it in my son's room for his coloring books. The urn was $4. I plan to paint it...of course.
Those goblets....$5 for a set of 4. I looked online and they retail for $28.99 for 4! Yahoo!!! I love bargain! The white plates were .30 a piece and the purse was $2. One can never have too many purses. I know....I know....I just bought one. But at $2 a pop, how can you resist?!?!?!
The movie was $3 (for the boy) and that is a bed skirt for $1.50. I loved the pattern so I plan on using the material....not as a bed skirt.
There is the urn. A little paint, moss, and a birdie and there you go!! So, what lesson did I learn? Even if you only have 20 minutes....GO TO GOODWILL!! YOu never know what treasures you will find!


Maranda said...

Do you go to the Goodwill in Cville?

Diana said...

We have a goodwill in Clarksville? I thought we had Mustard Seed, Salvation Army, and that other thrift. Where is Goodwill?