Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flea Market $ Bargain Finds 1/1/11

We were able to spend the day with some amazing friends flea marketing. What an fantastic day. LOOK at the bargains I found!!!!!

Snowman cup, saucer, and plate from Cracker Barrell.
70% off= $3.00
Teeny-tiny polka dot cup from Cracker Barrell. What you don't see is that it says "Baby's First Christmas" bc it's an ornament! Turn it around and no one will know.
$2.99 @ 70% off= .90

Ornaments from Target.
I plan on making an ornament wreath next year.
$25.00 @ 75% off
Ugly pictures (LoVe the frames) $3 for 2.

Letter "b" for my B wall. Wish I could find the Bs I hid.
Plates and cups....ALL for $5!!!!!!!
~~These are NOT plastic~~

Red crate $3. Notice my cups and saucers....
Polka dot lamp shade.
Which matches my...........
$1.99 @ 20% off!!!!!! towel pillow!!!!!!

Lime green paper trays...$.49 each!
They will match my classroom perfectly!

The red lunch pail was 50% off at Walmart but I cannot remember how much it ended up being. $4 maybe??
The other 2 silver lunch boxes were $1 a couple years ago from Walmart as well.
This little "beauty" is a foil, plastic wrap, and paper towel holder. It's ugly right now but not after it meets up with my little friend Mr. Spray Paint.

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happygoleslie said...

I love my silver lunch box, but I LOVE that red one!!! I got mine at Hobby Lobby...I think. I keep my bandaids and first aid spray in it at school. :) I'm gonna have to be on the lookout for one of those red ones...