Saturday, August 28, 2010

First FULL week of 4th Grade

This is how my first full week started.....
LOTS and LOTS of studying! I have a new respect for my students. You realize how much they have to learn in a day when YOU have to learn it too before you can teach!
We were able to eat with our daughter at her workplace.
The boy LOVED it!

Now for some more pics of my classroom
(that I finally remembered to take).

I added a stool to my desk thanks to Leslie at
She is one of my besties and a decorating inspiration!), Madeline and De. I really like the height that
it added not to mention the storage underneath!

Closeup of the stool.

I {heart} my hutch!

Bookshelf with coordinating baskets,
painted lamp and lampshade, and bus list.

Info board...calendar, clock, menu, box tops, grocery receipts, Ch Book log, and Homework chart.

Accelerated Reader Chart
Math vocab chart

Remember or summer list?? I am reading "Finally" during our DEAR time. This girl has a list of things she wants to do but her parents say "when you are 12". Se FINALLY turns 12 and it is hilarious what happens when she gets her wishes. I buzzed about this book and then we broke up into groups and created our wish list for 4th grade. It had to be logical (no flying to the moon) and the majority of the class had to agree before it was added to the chart. I hung it on our window (no wall space is left) and we check every afternoon to see if we can mark something off. We can choose something from the list if we have extra time or I can use an item in ly lesson plans. The kiddos were thrilled!!!
Now for REAL life. This is what my desk looks like during the school. day. Teach...drop it on the desk and move on to the next subject. Add a student note, school info, a form or two, papers to grade, tools used and not put back...well you get the idea......AND.......

...fighting with my son to do his homework.
This is how my life REALLY is! But I LOVE it!

Have a great week. I KNOW I will!!!!!!!

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happygoleslie said...

I {heart} ALL of it! It looks awesome...can't wait to see it in real life! Woo hoo to a great school year! :)