Saturday, August 21, 2010

Classroom+shopping+return of school=a long post!

I survived the first 2 days of school! I rEaLlY like 4th grade. I am so surprised at the difference from 2nd to 4th grade!! I spent 100s of hours on my classroom. I have been so busy I haven't had to time to post any pics. I am trying to get better. I have been busy!!!

First, I work at the best school in the world!!! Our principal does something amazing every year to celebrate our return to school. This year we had a carnival theme including a big top (not pictured) and peanuts, pop, popcorn, etc. We played carnival games and won things for our classroom! (Like that bookshelf in the background!) I didn't win anything big this year but I still won some GREAT stuff. I can't complain cause last year I won a flipcamera! LOVE IT!

New clock for my classroom. It's a painted canvas and clock kit from Hobby Lobby!

Outside my classroom. Our 4th grade theme was Rock N' Roll. Found these records at a thrift shop half off. I got a couple hundred for $7.

Side view of outside. My loving hubby hung my daughter's guitar.

Area above my door.
Inside door.

Car/Bus Rider chart.

To go with the rock n roll theme I used Billboard as a guide to make these charts. The kids HAVE to read 5 chapter books a nine weeks and keep up with homework.

Organized teacher area! LOVE this cubbie thingy! Free from the PE department!
Daily work and weekly material!

Now for the best part.....every year my hubby gives me a gift for my first day back! (WARNING: You will ohhhh and ahhhhh!!)
This year he gave me this box full of stuff. At first I was confused as to why there was a 4 in there since I have taught for 12 years. Then it hit me...4th grade!! He included 4 packages of candy, 4inch fan, 4 diet dr pepper, 4 ramen noodles, 4 pringles, 4 tubs of crystal light, 4 fruit cups, #4, and a meal with 4 entrees.
He is sooooo amazing and thoughtful!!!

These are just a few pics of my classroom. I have changed a lot since
I took these pics so will add more when I take them..Hopefully Monday!


Bargains Galore on 64 items...
lamp .75
videos $1.00 for both
easel .25
ball jars 1 with zinc lid $1.00
ME salt/pepper .25
fabric for class $1.00
The best find was this working robot. Price was $10 but I got him
down to $8.25. WAHOOOO!!
Free mirror from a friend. From this to.......
to THIS............
More thrifty finds....all in my classroom!! Pics later....
Frames were $1 each
ice bucket $1
lamp $2
Border $1
game $2


Switching gears.....
Our Walmart was having an open house and we met Chester the Cheetah..

Zak wasn't too thrilled.....
Zak got this helmet for $1 at Bargains Galore and this is how he uses it.
Is he trying to tell me something???????
1st Grade Open House. He was thrilled!!! He kept asking if it was over yet.
His teacher walked by and said, "I can tell I won't have any problems out of
him this year!!" Hubby and I looked at each other and laughed!!First day of 1st grade. Silly boy!!!!!! He did have a great day!
I think he will like 1st grade!

Off to the shuttle bus! Our school provides a bus for the teacher's kids!
SOooooo very nice!!!!!!!!
Bathroom redo for $35 from TJMaxx...Bench was from a find from Baragins galore. Got 2 for $10..

Rug was $16 and the shower curtain was $8 and not pictured is
a yellow towel I hung as a curtain to close while we shower.


Carrie said...

Love the rock and roll classroom theme!

bj said...

O, gosh..everything looks great. Bet the kids love it...:)